Posted by: Mother Ruckus | July 31, 2009

Shots with No Tears! Honest!

Ah-ha!  I just discovered the secret to vaccinating Little Man without the dreaded wailing.  Yesterday, I took him in for his three-month TDaP shot and Rotavirus vaccination, and he didn’t shed a single tear! 

Want to know my secret? 

The first round of shots proved horrific.  My momtourage had warned me of the atrocity, but nothing prepared me for what happened.  (Is this a motherhood theme?  No matter what the mom-to-be reads or learns, nothing fully prepares her for the actual experience.)  Luckily, I had brought the Big Man for emotional support.  He didn’t quite understand the hype, but after two months of post-partum, emotional outbursts he learned to say, “Yes, beautiful,” when asked a question. 

The nurse instructed me to lay Little Man on the cold, sterile examining table.  At that point, I let Big Man take over; I had to look away.  Through half-closed eyes, I watched in horror as the nurse roughly grabbed his ankles, forced his fragile, teeny legs straight down, and stuck a needle the size of my big toe in each thigh.  Little Man acted accordingly, he screamed like a piglet being laid on by his 600-pound mother. 

Therefore, yesterday morning, I was determined to take action.  (I’m on the team that believes if something isn’t suitable, then I can find a way to change it – or manipulate it at the very least).  I remembered something I read about a sugar solution used in hospitals to calm crying babies.  Just then, I recalled Little Man’s circumcision.  (How many violent acts must a baby endure?  More on that topic to come!)  The nurse had asked me for a pacifier to dip in sugar water, so she could calm him with it during his penis mutilation. 

A pacifier in sugar water – that’s the answer!  Of course, I couldn’t proceed without consulting my twelve books on child rearing.  To my dismay, every one of them specifically forbade dipping pacifiers in sugar water.  They said an infant couldn’t digest anything but breast milk or formula, blah, blah, blah.  The hospitals do it, why can’t we? 

Call me a rebel, but I heated some water in a saucepan, dissolved a few spoonfuls of sugar, and dipped away!  An hour later, when the burly nurse stuck Little Man, I popped that candy-coated binkie into his open mouth and beamed with pride for my ingenuity.  Not a single tear! 

Too bad, I didn’t have the sugar water later that day when I accidentally scraped his poor little nose.  He cried hard for a good fifteen minutes.  Shows how smart I really am- avoid major disaster at the doctor’s office only to create my own calamity at home!



  1. Wow. I wish I’d known that secret when my son was a baby! Great job, mom.

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